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Xalatan contains latanoprost in addition to auxiliary components. Sold in the form of eye drops. The active ingredient of the drug is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin F2b. It provides the ability to reduce intraocular pressure due to an increased outflow of fluid from the eye, although it does not affect its secretion. Ophthalmotonus decreases already after 3-4 hours after drug application, reaching maximum effect after 8-12 hours. The overall effect persists within 24 hours.


A drug is prescribed for the treatment of glaucoma with increased intraocular pressure, as well as with open-angle glaucoma.

The drug does not affect the intraocular blood circulation, the function of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Even after a short course of treatment in patients suffering from pseudophakia, no fluorescein was observed on the back of the eyeball.


This drug is forbidden to take by the patient’s hypersensitivity reaction to the main active ingredient – latanoprost, or one of the additional components.

Pregnancy and lactation

There is no reliable information about the safety of this drug for the treatment of pregnant women. For this reason, it should not be prescribed to women who are expecting a child. Latanoprost has the ability to penetrate into breast milk, so for the period of therapy with this drug lactation should be withdrawn.

Dosage and administration

To reduce intraocular pressure, 1 eye drop should be administered 1 time per day, in the evening (before bedtime), preferably at the same time of day, in the eye that needs such therapy, or in both eyes if both organs need such treatment.

For better absorption and distribution of the drug, you need to blink easily and lie down for 5-7 minutes with the eyes closed, gently pressing on the eyelids.

If 2 eye drops are used simultaneously, the next one can be administered no earlier than 5-10 minutes after the first one.


In case of excessive application of the drug, a reaction of the hyperemia and irritation of the eyeball mucosa is possible. If an overdose is repeated too often, reactions of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain may occur.

Asthmatic attacks in patients with bronchial asthma were not observed.

Side effects

When Xalatan is used, 10% of patients show a reaction of minor conjunctival hyperemia, increased pigment of the iris. In some cases, there is a skin allergic reaction (itching, urticaria), as well as erosive epithelial reactions, which took place independently.

Patients with pseudo- or aphakia sometimes complained of macular edema (the central zone of the retina, on the impact of the pupil).