Online Pharmacy Mobile App Review

Online pharmacies are conquering Internet users more and more, but now there is another functionality that simplifies people’s lives – applications of online pharmacies. We will take an abstract pharmacy “X”, on the example of which we will consider what online pharmacy app should contain and how fast it works.

The online app for pharmacy “X” is a newly developed application where you can order medications, vitamins and much more. Users choose it because it provides easy settings and excellent design. People are pleased with the prices, you can view the catalog, track orders.

What should the pharmacy discount app contain?

Online catalog: Even without registration, a catalog with all products is available. On the main page, you can see the sorting of drugs alphabetically. A wide range of analog medicines are presented.

Bonuses/Discounts: There should also be given a category “Bonuses”. It can display products with a reduced price or the option of discount coupons. For convenience, the name and price should already be visible in the list. The user should always be aware of whether the product is in stock.

Search function: The search function is extremely simple. When a person clicks on the searching field, the inscription “enter the name of the drug” is displayed. The person puts the cursor in the field and prints the name of the drug. In order for the visitor not to search for common medicines for a long time, popular queries are shown under the search bar. Among them, the most popular queries in a particular online pharmacy should be displayed.Are you ready to make an order from an online pharmacy app

Product card – content and execution

Here’s what should be on the first screen of the product card:

  • Image /photo: at least a photo of the drug in the package, it is additionally worth adding a photo without packaging.
  • Price: the exact amount for a certain dosage and the number of tablets per course.
  • Manufacturer.
  • The active substance.
  • Product form: tablets, syrup, ointment, etc.
  • Expiration date.
  • The button “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now”.
  • Information about the delivery and availability of the goods.

Next, you need to specify the same medicine in other forms of release or in a different volume. It is also necessary to offer analogs of the drug (generic) that differ in effectiveness or price.

When scrolling down it is important to place the product description. At a minimum, it is worth adding instructions to the drug. In order not to make the card too long, you can implement opening instructions by clicking or in a separate tab on the page. A good option is when the user can immediately open the desired section of the instructions.

The procedure for making a purchase/an order

If you analyze the purchase carefully, detailed information is displayed when opening the product and there is an opportunity to find out about the manufacturer. A “Buy Now” button is displayed next to each drug. When you click it, the products are added into the shopping cart. It is convenient that a person is not immediately transferred to the registration window, since it is possible to first select the drugs of interest from the list, then look at the total cost and make a purchase.

If you have finished searching for the necessary medications, go to the shopping cart and complete the procedure. One of the important advantages is that you do not have to enter data in a pharmacy app every time, unlike buying online on a web resource. All data is stored in your personal account, even the delivery addresses are saved, which you can change or add, respectively.

How do I pay for the purchase of medicines through the app?

Payment for medicines can be carried out in two ways: online and offline. This means you either enter your card details in the meds app and pay for the order, or you use the pickup service and pay for medicines on the spot. The application will not insist on paying online, because each user should have the right to choose.

Another huge plus is that the data left in the online pharmacy application is completely safe. The pharmacy app should have a high protection level and antivirus programs to prevent the leakage of personal information.

Developers of online apps for various types of services make every effort to make the purchase of certain goods comfortable.