How to Put Eye Drops in?

One at a time

One of the most common mistakes people make is to put drops in the eyes too fast. However, the volume of drops that the eye can bear is very limited – no more than one drop in a few seconds. Therefore, if the prescription says “4 drops every 6 hours,” this does not mean that they should be “poured” into the eye at once — take pauses! And then the drops will not run down the cheeks. As a result, quite expensive medicine will be wasted.

Different types of eye drugs – every 30 minutes

If you use different drops, then it is necessary to take a pause of 30 minutes between their application. Otherwise, they can interact with each other, which at best will reduce their effectiveness. At worst, the eyes may start to burn or they will become watery.How to Put Eye Drops in Correctly_

Strictly follow the dose regimen

Drops are absolutely no different from other drugs – you need to follow the prescribed dose, otherwise, the consequences can be disappointing. It works in both directions – intake of not enough dosage in the case of serious diseases like glaucoma can be just as dangerous as an overdose. The best advice is to set a “reminder” using an alarm clock on your smartphone.

Use them on the day of the visit to the doctor

Even if you go to the doctor on that day, still use the drops according to the prescription. It’s amazing how many people decide to come with no drops. The only exception to this rule is if the doctor himself directly told you that before your next visit, you should take a pause for 12 or 24 hours.

Follow expiration date

Drugs have a shelf life. Using expired eye drops is a very bad idea. If you use the eye drops remaining from the previous time – always check their expiration date! Sometimes, only a doctor can inform you about how to use eye drops correctly and for how long.

Do not self-diagnose

If you diagnose yourself with diarrhea and write down activated charcoal, this is one thing. If you make a wrong diagnosis for your eyes and put the wrong medicine in them, this is completely different. Let’s understand: incorrect use of eye drops can lead to visual impairment or even blindness. And if you have vision problems and they do not pass within 48 hours – always visit a doctor.

Always check name and content

In addition to eye drops, there are also ear and nasal drops. You definitely do not want to put in your eyes something that is intended for the ears. Therefore, always check the name of the medicine and make sure that it is exactly what is written. If you miss the drops, wash your eyes immediately. If the pain remains acute, then call an ambulance.