Eye Care Tips

There are several techniques of eye care that can make you look perfect whenever you want.

During sleeping, put your head higher. Choose a big pillow – so you will improve the outflow of fluids from the tissues. This trick will help avoid redness and swelling. It is important not to overdo – you should be comfortable, do not sleep on a too big and uncomfortable pillow.

Mini-gymnastics for the eyes. While working at the computer, take short breaks. It is enough only 2-3 minutes to conduct such a procedure. Sit on a chair and relax. Inhale the air and tilt your head to the left. On the exhale, return it to its original position and do the same with the inclination to the right. Repeat the set at least 3-5 times, and at the end of the exercise, close your eyes and draw a figure eight several times. It relaxes and gives strength.

Massage with the help of cold spoons. If the eyes are swollen, a compress or massage with cold spoons will help. Put two teaspoons in the refrigerator for half an hour, remove and put them to the closed eyes. Just 4-5 minutes is enough. Such a compress will help enhance blood circulation and relieve eyes swelling.

Watch this video of how to massage the skin round your eyes:

Moistening. The skin around the eyes also needs water, like any other face skin. If you do not have a special cream for the skin around the eyes, it’s time to get it. Choose a moisturizing cream and apply it 10 minutes before you leave the house. It will help get rid of skin dryness.

Massage of the nose and eyebrows. In order to give an alive look, make a simple massage. Use your middle and ring finger to press lightly on the bridge of your nose for one minute. Use your index finger to massage the edges of the eyebrows, and in the end press two fingers on the bones that are under the eyes.

Remember, the basis of all these tips is a good and healthy sleep lasting for at least 8 hours a day. These recommendations are related to the natural methods of eye care. You may choose other ones but remember, eyes are an integral part of human health that’s why do not neglect their health.